Helpfull Links

    The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS. This site is an excellent resource for current information on the epidemic as well as various reports that they publish.
  • PubMed
    Pubmed's site gives you access to a massive database of article citations, including articles indexed in MEDLINE, the National Library of Medicine's premier database.
    The World Health Organization's vast website containing research tools and publications on numerous health topics.

Organisations featured in documentary

  • Treatment Action Campaign (TAC)
    TAC is South Africa's most well known activist group. Mandla, the first hero of the documentary, is TAC's Western Cape Coordinator
  • KidzPositive
    The Kidzpositive Family Fund is dedicated to improving the health of HIV-positive children in Southern Africa. Dr. Roux, the third hero, is a pediatrician and fundraiser for the organization.
  • Malitaba
    Malitaba is a development consultancy located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Specializes in designing employee workshops that help organizations confront issues surrounding HIV/AIDS.
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