» AidsinAfrica.net is 10 Years Old!

We say that the AidsinAfrica.net website is holding up pretty darn well for an old-timer! We built the visuals in what was the bleeding-edge methods that has allowed us to update the underlying data with minimum cost. The epidemic map, for example, was recently populated with the latest data from the WHO. It is encouraging to see that HIV prevelence rates were moving upward when the site was launched. Today they are on the decline.

» AidsinAfrica.net & ONE Unite

Neil Halloran and Bono

AidsinAfrica.net and DATA have come together to collaborate on a number of projects, including website enhancement and promotion of the ONE Campaign. DATA was founded in 2002 by Bono, the lead singer of U2, along with Bobby Shriver and activists from the Jubilee 2000 Drop the Debt campaign.

ONE became interested in AidsinAfrica.net's Epidemic Map and other charts that visually explain statistics behind HIV/AIDS in Africa. A version of the map was added to DATA's site. They also found Neil Halloran's story to be in-tune with a message behind the ONE Campaign: One person at a time, we can overcome AIDS and extreme poverty. Neil was given the honor of reading the ONE petition at the campaign launch in Philadelphia on May 16 2004.

» New "Hans Rosling" Chart Added

We have added a "Hans Rosling" data motion chart to the website. You can watch how HIV rates have changed over the years in africa, and you can alter the charts settings. Really cool.

» 5 Heroes of AIDS in Africa selected for 2004 International AIDS Film Festival

The 2004 AIDS Film Festival, which took place in Bangkok from July 12-15 during the 2004 International AIDS Conference, accepted "5 Heroes of AIDS in Africa" as an official selection and the film was screened at the Conference Venue.

» 5 Heroes at SoulFest

SoulFest is a Christian music festival taking place from July 29 to August 1 in the mountains of New Hampshire. They are encouraging attendees to sign DATA's ONE petition and have decided to also promote the AidsinAfrica.net project. A 3 minute clip of the documentary will be played on the big screen in front of 8,000 people before the closing band. They will also distribute flyers. Thank you SoulFest!

» Premiere Screening: A Success

Thanks to all those who helped put on and promote the event, the documentary screening had a great showing and went on without a hitch. Suki Kermes spearheaded the organizing. Greg Goldman, chief director of Philadelphia based Manna hosted it. Others who helped out include Becca Meuler, Chistina, Anne McCollum, Fred Manfred, The Murphys, the Kermeses, and the extended Halloran Family. Thank you all.

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