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This page allows you to make online donations using a credit card to a selection of AIDS organizations in Africa. The organizations presented here are featured in the web documentary "5 Heroes of AIDS in Africa." After you enter your total donation amount, you will be able to specify what portion of your donation should go to which organization.

It is important to note that is not a certified (501C3) organization. Therefore, any donation that you make through this donation tool is NOT tax-deductable. If you are looking to make a large donation to one of the organizations, we recommend that you contact them directly. Their contact information is provided to the right.

You will see that is listed with the other organizations. You can choose to not donate to any organization by moving the bar to the far left. Note that while has yet to obtain official 501C3 staus, this project is entirely not for profit. All donations to will go towards technical expenses such as hosting costs, credit card processing fees, and other expenses needed to keep the site live.

To help assure donors that their contributions will indeed be given to the specified organizations, we are making all donation amounts public on this site. Because the donors as well as the receiving organizations will be able to see donation amounts, both parties can confirm the amounts match.

Treatment Action Campaign
National Office:
P.O. Box 74
Nonkqubela, 7793
South Africa
Telephone: (27) (21) 788 3507
Fax: (27) (21) 788 3726

The Kidzpositive Family Fund
P.O. Box 13657
Mowbray, 7705
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: (27) (21) 406 6169

PO Box 91981
Auckland Park
Johannesburg, 2006
South Africa
Telephone: (27) (11) 726 3266
Fax: (27) (11) 726 1290
c/o Neil Halloran
122 Kennedy Lane
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Telephone: (610) 888 1185

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