The mission of AidsinAfrica.net is to provide visitors with free and current information on HIV/AIDS in Africa. More specifically our goal is to use visual aids, such as dynamic maps, charts, and photography to make challenging content including statistics more easy to understand and more engaging for the general public. The AIDS epidemic in Africa has brought death and suffering of such a scale, it has already become one of the great tragedies of modern human history. The documentary "5 Heroes of AIDS in Africa" aims to promote the belief held by many in the field that we should not let the enormity of the problem discourage our efforts. Rather, we should see it as an amazing opportunity to save lives.

About the Author
Neil Halloran, began working on this project in the fall of 2001. In 2002, he traveled to southern Africa where he spent 5 months gathering material for the documentary. AidsinAfrica.net was Neil's first journalistic web site and is currently producing a documentary "Our Bombs" (OurBombs.com) about the ethics of U.S. air strikes. Currently, Neil is living in Austin, Texas, working as a filmmaker and running a web development business.

This project began as Neil Halloran's "Senior Independent Project" for University of Pennsylvania's Digital Media Design (DMD) program. DMD is a new major at U. of Penn's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences that combines disciplines in computer science, fine art (Graduate School of Fine Arts), and communications (Annenberg School of Communications). Aidsinafrica.net is also a production of Higher Media, a company founded by Neil Halloran and his brother Mark Halloran. Higher Media is a web design company based in Philadelphia that specializes in building sites that need database driven content or Flash integration.

Volunteers Wanted
AidsinAfrica.net is looking for volunteers who will do research and help manage the information on this site. In particular, we would like to find someone who would manage the Research Assistant. This position intales handling articles that are submitted and entering information into our database. Volunteers must be computer savvy, but none of the positions require programming experience. For information contact Neil at neil@aidsinafrica.net.

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