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5 Heroes of AIDS in Africa
While other features of this site deal with numbers and the often grim aspects of AIDS in Africa, this documentary looks at positive changes made by heroic individuals.

  » Buy DVD   » View Online is an online resource for current information on HIV/AIDS in Africa. This website uses animated maps and diagrams to make the the statistics behind HIV/AIDS in Africa more engaging and easy to understand. is also home of the documentary "5 Heroes of AIDS in Africa."

Epidemic Map
An interactive map that displays the most current levels of HIV prevalence by country in Africa. It also allows you to watch an animation showing HIV spread across the continent using real figures since 1970.

People Charts
A collection of animated charts that illustrate various statistics and social dimensions of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

"Hans Rosling" Data Motion Chart
We have used a bubble charts made famous by data visualization master Hans Rosling to show HIV rates have changed over the years in africa.

Donate Online
An easy way to make a donation using a credit card to organizations featured in the documentary.

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